Welcome to Launch

What is Launch?

Launch has developed a smart, intelligent research tool where businesses can find information to support their innovation and growth

The Launch digital platform or “Find Engine” provides access to a wealth of data and information which you didn’t know was out there! Gain access to grant funding, contracts, expertise and more. Think of it as the opposite of search engines, the information comes to you!

Powered by artificial intelligence and big data our unique platform finds business solutions for you. Solutions and information you might not have even known were available.

  • Access to knowledge and information you didn’t know was available
  • Find grant funding
  • Save time, money and resource
  • Increased business development capabilities
  • Access to thousands of data sources in one place
  • 24:7 business solutions

Intelligent business solutions at your fingertips

The Launch Find Engine

Our Find Engine offers you information and knowledge. It is a platform where you can find intelligent information and knowledge, targeted for your business. Find information for your business that you didn’t even know was available!

Grant Funding

The Launch platform sources specific grant funding opportunities for you. Matched and tailored to your specific needs as a business. Don’t trawl the internet, let the information come to you!

Technology, Facilities and Equipment

With over 20,000 pieces of UK sourced data through British universities, we have a catalogue of facilities and equipment that might provide the business solution you have been looking for.


We have current data for thousands of government contracts, providing increased bidding opportunities for companies to increase their market share!

Specialist Consultants

The Launch platform enables you to find consultants who might be able to support your business and take your vision forward. We also work with a team of associates who can support you if required.

Research and Expertise

Our digital platform gives you access to a huge selection of experts, across a wide range of sectors. If you need an injection of expertise in your business then let our Find Engine do the leg work and match them to you.

Business Eco-System

Our platform offers you the opportunity to be a part of a bigger business community and eco-system. Access to individuals and business across the UK and further so you can innovate, collaborate and do more business.