Find out more about Sally Thompson – CEO of Launch, and her journey to creating the Find Engine.

Launch International

Launch was born from CEO Sally Thompson’s vision to create a digital market-place for business that positively disrupts the market. Today, Launch has exceeded every expectation.

Launch International and its artificially intelligent Find Engine provides targeted solutions, encourages growth, increases connectivity and enables the business community to collaborate and drive innovation forward.

Launch has created a B2B eco-system; a community which spans the globe. It integrates supply chains, enables market growth and drives business opportunities, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


How It Started

The Journey of Innovation

Launch began as a concept of innovation and asked the key questions. How to innovate? How to grow? How to acquire what your business needs? The result was simple. More connectivity, less time. Business needs results. Launch was born.

Strong Foundations

A business is only as good as the sum of its parts. After conception, support was needed to drive the project forward. Our excellent supporters, advocates and board continue to steer us with their years of business acumen.

The Digital Age

The timing was crucial. Launch was conceived during a time of huge digital and technological advancements and we were well placed to be on the edge of the newest developments.

Where We're Going

On the Go

We have the vision to continue developing Launch, making it more responsive, more useful and more innovative.


With each new partner, investor and joint venture, we expand and learn more about what business needs. Significant growth is on the horizon.

Global Reach

We already have data from overseas but this can only increase with our growing audience. The world is getting smaller as digital bridges the gap and Launch is at the centre of this revolution.