Launch International



Developing a joint partnership with us means you get to broaden your network and diversify into new markets, becoming part of a bigger business eco-system.


We already have a great product. Why not tap into this and cut out the leg work? There are no limits on the capability of our technology, so use it and let’s develop something great together.


If you are ready to scale-up, want to see increased productivity and profits and then a joint partnership could be a lucrative move for your business.



Our digital platform holds the key to data from across the UK and further afield. Becoming a partner allows you to tap into this resource.


Having the answers and solutions your clients might need is a powerful market position and enhances your professional reputation. The Launch platform can give you this power.


Our tool connects business to business to do more business and as a partner you can be central to this.

Launch International Investor
Launch International


Bids and Tenders

Launch associates can support with the completion of the bids and contracts that you might find through the Grant Find tab of our platform.

Sales, Marketing and Events

If you need support with your sales and marketing activities, our associates have the experience, leaving you to focus on your business. Our events associates have years of experience in running events large and small, inc. conferences, exhibitions and more.


All of our associates have experience in setting up and successfully running companies. As such, we can support with all level of strategic advice and guidance.