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Our range of services

Launch has an existing range of case studies, which include:

Market intelligence platform

Using the AIaaS and Launch AI Find Engine to benchmark companies, identify and measure risk, provide data analysis, and generate detailed sales leads and associated background intelligence.

Plug & Play services

Selling our AIaaS as an API, which can quickly bolt-on to existing services and systems in order to provide enhancement and enrichment of partners results

AI driven intranets

Using the AIaaS to provide internal knowledge management services within a single company, or group of companies.

Partnership analysis platform

Using our AIaaS to map trends for companies in supply chains, and to identify B2B sales and collaboration opportunities.

Bespoke tech development

Launch will engage on bespoke tech developments for partners where our core technologies can be easily adapted to create tailored solutions.


You can benefit from a huge range of flexibility in the combination and integration of our services.

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